Who I am



I would like to take just a minute and tell you who I am and what I will be blogging about here at Jenny Marie Sparkles.

I am a dog mom to 3 furbabies. You can learn more about them and anything else to do with dogs on my blog dedicated to them and all dogs Wiggly Butts.


I work a full time job at an insurance office as well as part-time selling Paparazzi Accessories & Jewelry for only $5. I also am working at getting both of my blogs up and active. I am looking to eventually replacing my full time insurance job and work for myself.

On this blog I will concentrate on My Paparazzi Business as well as articles on building a social media presence.

I look forward to making new friends along this journey



Forget the Tired Old Neck Tie for Fathers Day


So often when it comes to jewelry we think of women. Why not pick out a nice Manly piece of jewelry this Father’s Day instead of that tired old neck tie. Give dad something to wear on the weekends or when he is not at work.

Check out these pieces for that father or father figure in your life.

11810_1MainiMage-Urban-16-717_1 Out of the Box

12431_1MainImage-Brown-16-721_1 Give Em The Ax

11555_1Mainimage-black-16-130_1 Man Up (Lanyard)

8172_1Image1(Manyard16-131)_1 No More Mr. Nice Guy (Lanyard)

11849_1mainimage-Brown-6-11_1 Surf and Turf

11509_1Mainimage-brown-30-1_1 The Last Straw

Building Relationships with Direct Sales Buisness


Ok, Yesterday we talked about how to loose your friends and your social media presence with the old way of selling. Today we are going to look at a new way of looking at Direct Sales. You won’t feel like the used car salesperson who is trying to trick someone into buying something they don’t need. And your friends won’t run and hide when they see you coming.

Let’s look at the difference between Traditional Selling and Relationship Selling

Traditional Selling: Is based on a formula, Memorize these 10 steps to get an appointment, or the 40 ways to close, or know all the counters to peoples objections. These techniques can be helpful, but we tend to lose sight of the customer and focus on our end result.

Relationship Selling:  You take a few minutes to get to know your customer and their needs and then you match them with the product that is going to best suit their needs NOT yours. Both parties are happy and you have just gained a faithful customer who will be more likely to recommend you to their friends.

Now let’s look at how to put the Relationship Selling into practice

Focus on Customers Needs

When you focus on filling your customers needs and not your pocket, the more sales you will have. When a customer knows you care about what they need and they feel secure in making the correct decision. Not only will they buy from you right then, but will become loyal and return to you every time.

When you clearly define their needs, you also determine if they fit into your target audience. Even if they really do not need what you have, you can still build the relationship by being candid and referring them to a more suitable resource.  You never know when this good deed will return to you in  referral business.

Ask Open Ended Questions

One of the best ways to learn about your customers needs is to ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Use the traditional interview questions Who, What, When , where and how. This results in both parties exchanging information and expanding their knowledge about each other.

Listen More Than You Talk

Sometimes you can get a greater sale if you just shut up and listen, you may find a greater need than what you see on the surface. For me it maybe instead of selling one piece of jewelry they need jewelry for a whole wedding party in the near future.

So, instead of pushing that friend away because you bombard them daily with your product, get to know them a little better and learn if they really need your product. I have several friends who never wear jewelry they don’t like it. So I know to not push it with them, but because of this when they need a piece of jewelry as a gift they come to me because they know I will listen and not try to push jewelry on them.

I would love to hear how you are forming relationships with your clients. Please share in the comments below.