January’s Fashion Fix

The pieces this month are as usual Breathtaking. Here, let them speak for themselves

Glimpse of Malibu


Magnificent Musings


Sunset Ssightings


Simply Santa Fe


Fiercely 5th Ave



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Why Paparazzi Accessories?


  • Unlike other companies, when you start with Paparazzi, you don’t buy a “demo” or “presentation/sample” kit.  You have REAL product that you can immediately begin selling and make a 45% profit instantly!
  • You get to be your own best walking billboard! Because the Jewelry and Accessories are so awesome they always draw attention.  This opens the door to talk about your business. When they find out that it’s only $5 it’s not uncommon for people to want to buy it right off of you right there…yes, I do mean the bracelet or ring you’re wearing right there on the spot!
  • The styles change with the current trends, and change often so customers love that they can visit the web site or know that they can come to you 3 months later and you have something new.  Other companies get new items maybe 3 times a year.  Paparazzi adds new things every week!
  • You aren’t limited in where you can sell your items like with some companies.  You are free to have your own outside website where you can sell your jewelry from.  You can sell on your Facebook page, or even in a boutique, salon, or store!   This gives consultants many different avenues in which they can make money
  • The company is only in it’s 4th year so it’s still new. So there’s still so much room for elevation and growth.

Why join my team? My team is growing every month!  Seeing new leaders emerge on my team, and knowing that I am helping people reach their goals is extremely rewarding.  No matter where you are located in the US you can join the Paparazzi family.  It’s my job as a leader to make sure that you are afforded all of the materials, training, and guidance needed to have a successful business.  This is why I have groups set up for my personally sponsored consultants as well as monthly recognition newsletters.  Everyone likes to be recognized for hard work and efforts!

Be a part of this new and exciting movement.  Join today and I will help you build your own successful Paparazzi business.