How To Loose All Your Friends With Your New Business


Each day more and more people are joining the direct sales band wagon, which is awesome, but at the same time their friends are thinking great more crap that is going to be crammed down my throat.

So often we think the best approach is the direct approach. Years ago in sales courses I would take the saying was “If you want a sale, you have to ask for it.” So why not use this approach on Facebook and Twitter? Because people aren’t on these social platforms to be sold to day in and day out. They are there to build relationships. So if you would like to loose all your friends and destroy your social presence follow these tips

  • Friend up to 1000 people a day and send them a link to your website in your initial message
  • Make every post post about your business making sure to attach a link to your website on everything you post
  • Send private messages daily to all your friends telling them you can help them make Thousands of dollars a day, don’t forget to share that link.
  • Send private messages begging all your friends to please help support your business
  • Talk about yourself all the time, never enquirer about them unless you are asking them to buy something or join your team.
  • Add your Facebook friends to every group and page you create without inviting them. Then post in those groups at least 100 times a day
  • Make sure you hijack other peoples post to tell about your product or opportunity
  • Send emails everyday about your business and all the daily deals and opportunities you have

If you would like to learn how to be successful and not loose all your friends check out my blog tomorrow about building your business on relationships


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