How To Care For Fashion Jewelry

Trendy and cute jewelry is fun to own and is affordable to buy, but can be tricky to take care of. Just because it is affordable does not mean they will last forever nor will they be ultra sturdy. But I would still like it to look its best while it’s trendy. So here are a few tips to keep that Fashion Jewelry looking it’s best.


  1. Keep it clean: Don’t expose your jewelry to cleaning chemicals, lotions, perfumes or oils. Always remove your jewelry before applying any of these and allow them to completely dry before putting your jewelry back on.
  2. Give your fashion jewelry a BREAK: Most fashion jewelry isn’t intended to be worn on a daily basis. If you wear it too many days in a row you might notice discoloration.That’s the great thing about Paparazzi Jewelry at the $5 price point you can wear something different every day without breaking the bank and keeping your jewelry looking it’s best
  3. Clean it after wearing it: There is always the chance that soap, lotion or some other chemical got on your jewelry from your body. So before you put it away just wipe it down. Don’t ever put it away if it is wet.
  4. Don’t coat it: Some people swear by coating their fashion jewelry with Krylon and if it works for you, by all means do it. However, most jewelry care experts will warn against coating your pieces in any kind of finish as it can take off or changing the finish of your fashion jewelry. Some people like to use clear nail polish on certain pieces of fashion jewelry to prevent their skin from turning green. Experts say that this is usually due to a chemical reaction and keeping your jewelry clean and dry should help, but if you want a fast fix, you can always try clear polish.

I would love to hear any tips you may have for how you care for your Fashion Jewelry.



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