How a $5 Necklace Sent Me On Vaction


That is me on the left end and I am just back from a 7 day cruise with 4 of my girl friends. And yes it is all because of a $5 Necklace. Let me explain.

A little over 2 years ago we began planning our Crazy Dog Ladies Cruise. At the time I was barely making ends meet, but I really wanted to go on this cruise. It was at that time I decided to sign up for a Direct Market Business. Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories.

I signed up for the smallest kit they had which was $99. At the same time I signed up for my church’s craft show, I was going to use the 35 pieces of jewelry in my kit to earn my deposit for the cruise, which was $150.

When my kit arrived I loved the pieces so much I placed another small order so I would have about 50 pieces for the craft show. Before I even got to the craft show I sold 15 pieces just taking my jewelry to dinner when I went out with friends and to ladies in my Ladies Bible study. so I was well on my to my $150.


The day of the craft show came and man was I busy, but when I stopped to breath I noticed others weren’t as busy. But people loved my $5 jewelry that didn’t look like it was worth $5. By the end of the day and with the pieces I had sold before the event I had earned enough to where I could not only put down my $150 but added an additional $50 for a total deposit of $200.


For the next year and half I would pay on my cruise anytime I received commissions. Now I wish I could say Paparazzi paid for the entire cruise, but I can said it paid for a good majority of the cruise. Something I would not have been able to do if it weren’t for Paparazzi .


If you would like to know more about doing some things on your bucket list without having to dip into your bill money, let me show you how by joining my team



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